What is Noise Damage?

Noise Damage a music blog. Here you’ll find live music photos, information on recommended live shows in Minneapolis and St. Paul and commentary relating to both music and live music photography.


If you have a record, live show or band that you’d like featured on Noise Damage please send an email to and I’ll see what I can do.


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If you’d like to use any of the work seen on this blog please email admin (at) noisedamage (dot) com with a request stating the details of your intended use, including the type (online editorial, print editorial, commercial, etc) and the duration of the intended use. Prints and image licenses for commercial or editorial use may be available on request for some images on a case-by-case basis, depending on contractual obligations.

For more information on copyright as it relates to photography, I recommend reading through the American Society of Media Photographers’ “Copyright Primer” which can be found here:

Many images, particularly from late 2011 on, are available for immediate licensing through my Photoshelter archive site at

Commercial and Editorial Use

If you’d like to use any of the images on this blog for your own editorial, promotional or other commercial projects please contact me via email or visit my Photoshelter site. I think you’ll find that I’m easy to work with in licensing images and I’ll be happy to work with you to find solutions to fit your project’s budget.

Please do not simply copy images for use without discussing it with me first. Like many content creators in this digital age, I’m sensitive to having my work used for commercial purposes without my consent. Like many content creators in general, I’d rather have a client that respects my work and the work of my peers than see someone steal it. If I find that my work has been used without my consent, I’ll pursue removal and compensation for unauthorized use. If I cannot come to an agreement on those, I’ll pursue the matter to the full extent that the law allows. I’d rather not send a DMCA takedown request but unfortunately it’s required all too often.

Basically, respect the craft. The photos and words seen here are the result of blood, sweat and sacrifice on the part of the creator. Failure to respect that hard work and dedication is your right but failure to abide by the terms of copyright isn’t – it’s against the law.

Thanks and have a good day. :)