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New Video: Numbers Not Names – “Numbers Not Names”

Alexi Moon Caselle of Kill the Vultures and Numbers Not Names (Erik Hess, Freelance Photographer)

Alexi “Crescent Moon” Caselle of the late folk group Roma Di Luna and driving, influential hip hop act Kill the Vultures is back with a new project, Numbers Not Names on French indie label Ici d’ailleurs. The first track to emerge from the upcoming album, “What’s the Price?”, isn’t too far of a stretch from Caselle’s prior work with Kill the Vultures but it carries an even heavier sense of darkly hypnotic dread and anxiety-overload urgency. There’s sparse information about this new project, aside from an offhand mention of a visit to France to record in a Star Tribune article about KtV in December last year.

Check out the video and some more info on Numbers Not Names after the jump.



This is post-millenium tension at its finest. I’m sure I’m not the only one itching to see what else Caselle and his newfound friends have coming. It looks like they’ve got an upcoming date as part of the Festival Ici d’ailluers in early April in France but considering that his co-conspirators in this project are in France, it may be awhile before we Minnesotans get a taste of their live experience.

Google translated band info from Ici d’ailluers:

NAMES NOT NUMBERS (first date of a project created and saved in the walls of L’Autre Canal / first album “What’s the price?” In March 2012)

Abrasive, feverish, dilapidated and free from formal constraints, the flow of Crescent Moon (Kill The Vultures MC) immediately installs a tone and a striking stylistic freedom. Posted on productions Oktopus, producer Dälek, who deftly mixing hypnotic loops and groovy beats, noisy experiments, ambient textures and saturated beaches, and accompanied by two drummers, Jean-Michel Pires (NLF3, The Married Monk) whose power of strikes and unstoppable rhythmic echoes are at play while watermark Chris Cole, escaped from his solo project Manyfingers. The result is a hip hop album dark and percussive divided into 8 tracks that find their balance between groove and heaviness. Rich experience that is waiting anxiously to see on stage.

If Translate is working as intended it sounds like their album is expected to come out in March 2012 – which happens to be quite soon and would coincide quite well with their upcoming gig. Based on this track I’m looking forward to seeing what Alexi’s been up to lately.

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